General Information

Internal Flights Weight Limit

Internal flights in the destination country are subject to a weight limit of 23kg.

Bilharzia is known to occur in some of the lakes or rivers visited on this itinerary, we therefore advise all to take advice from your guide or leader locally before venturing for a swim.

Dengue fever and/or Chikungunya are known risks in places visited on this trip. Both are tropical viral diseases spread by daytime biting mosquitoes. There is currently no vaccine or prophylaxis available for either, and therefore the best form of prevention is to avoid being bitten. We recommend you take the usual precautions to avoid mosquito bites.


Ethiopia’s Electricity: 220 Volts. Plug types C, E, F & L; establishments often take two round pin plugs.

ATM Availability

ATMs can be found throughout the itinerary. Credit cards are not accepted in most establishments so it’s a good Idea to change enough travelers cheques.

Extra Expenses & Spending Money

Bring extra spending money if you wish to buy some local crafts such as jewellery, Ethiopian dresses, scarves, carved wooden crosses, basketwork, frankincense and Ethiopian coffee. Lunches and dinners not included in the itinerary will cost around 150 Birr each, so it is suggested that you take an additional US$250 – $300 to cover meals and other incidental spending on drinks, souvenirs, laundry etc.

Responsible Tourism

At the simiens we believe in the power of Responsible Travel. Every time we travel, we are part of a global movement that creates jobs, builds more sustainable societies, encourages cultural understanding and safeguards common natural and cultural heritage. To learn more about what Responsible Travel means to the simiens

Important Information

On all guided trips

Although our leaders are well trained to deal with different capabilities, if they have any concerns about someone’s ability to safely partake in an activity, or their impact on other people’s enjoyment, we authorise them to take necessary actions .

On all trips

In booking this trip you should be confident in your ability to participate in all activities described in these Trip Notes. If you have any doubt about your suitability you should call the thesimiens office and ask to speak to one of the experts on this itinerary.

In an emergency, please contact our 24 hour out of hours service on +251918774668 / +251910053200

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