Essential Equipment


Light jacket or fleece

Good walking footwear/boots

Walking sticks if you normally use them

Insect spray Sunhat Suncream Sunglasses Water bottle Wet wipes

Anti bacterial hand gel

Binoculars (if you are a keen birdwatcher)

Torch and spare batteries.

At time of writing the standard weight limit for hold baggage on the recommended international carrier for this trip is 23kg. We recommend packing only one piece of checked baggage.

Internal flights in the destination country are subject to a weight limit of 23kg.

As advice about luggage allowances for both hand and hold luggage is subject to change, we suggest

you check the airline’s website for the latest information prior to your departure.

Optional Equipment

We also recommend wearing long trousers tucked into socks when visiting the churches in Lalibela. For festival departures we suggest that ladies take a headscarf with them.

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